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Arctic Natural

Chaga extract

Chaga extract

  • One of the strongest antioxidant foods
  • Easy to drink with tea, coffee, etc.
  • A bag of extract for a month supply.

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To support your immune system
I am glad I tried this
  • Oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC)is very high at 150,000.

  • There is the equivalent of 20 grams of raw chaga in 1 gram of extract.

  • Completely soluble in water, coffee, etc. Drinkable anywhere anytime.

Customer satisfaction (chaga extract)

Customer voices for chaga extract


I started to drink chaga tea to improve immune system. I was glad that the taste was subtle, and the tea was so easy to drink. I can’t say this is only because of chaga, but I haven’t had a cold for a long time. It is important for me because in my age any cold can be very serious. (Male, 60+)


I heard it was miracle mushroom from my friend and decided to try. I was so surprised to feel that my vigor has come back to me. I felt younger again. Actually, before trying chaga I used to feel tired often, didn’t have energy to do anything. With chaga extract tea I am full of energy. (Female, 50+)


Lately I started to feel very tired and exhausted. I started to look for some health food and came across a book about chaga. After trying it out I can say it changed my life. After 2-3 months I really started to feel the change. Now I want my parents to use it too. (Male, 40+)


I heard it from my friend who lives in the US with her husband. Chaga has been very popular in the US recently. I tried to drink the extract tea and felt that my skin has greatly improved. I am so glad that I want to recommend the book about chaga to my husband and friends too. (Female, 40+)

Arctic Natural - advantage #1: Power of science

Extract to bring you the most of Chaga power

With our water-soluble extract, we bring all the power of Chaga in its condensed form 
We control our product for β-glucans, SOD complex, and chromogenic complex 
We control the quality of our product at every stage of the production and packaging

We use scientific evidence to develop the best form of Chaga products for our clients. We keep an extensive body of scientific literature about Chaga and its uses to bring health benefits to our clients. The company works on developing its own technologies, holds patents, and employs top-of-the-line equipment to control product quality.

Arctic Natural - advantage #2: Power of technology

Live Extract®︎ technology - preserves nature's power

First, we control the quality of raw material and ensure that only top-quality Chaga mushroom is used in the production. Then we employ our proprietary technology, Live Extract®, that uses low-temperature extraction processes to keep all the natural nutrients in our extracts just as they are in the original product in nature. So, we guarantee that our Chaga extract delivers all healthy nutrients. Finally, we have an in-house laboratory equipped with cutting-edge equipment, such as high-performance liquid chromatography analysis equipment and others, to guarantee our customers the best final product quality.

Arctic Natural - advantage #3: Power of nature

Best Chaga from the best harvesting locations

Siberian peoples used to drink Chaga tea since ancient times. It is a very long tradition that helped indigenous peoples to stay healthy. People are living in the North, where birch trees grow, have been drinking Chaga for centuries. We bring you Chaga extract made from Chaga harvested from the pristine forests of East Siberia. East Siberia remains one of the few regions in the world where few people live and where a lot of nature is untouched by human activities. Also, Chaga harvested from colder regions is believed to be better because, in harder climate, plants need to be more vigorous to survive.

Comparison table for Arctic Natural Chaga extract

 FIRM  Arctic Natural  firm B  firm C
 PRODUCT 100% pure
water-soluble extract
 tea pack  tea pack
 HARVEST PLACE Russia  Russia  Japan
 MADE IN Japan  Russia  Japan
 PACKAGING Sealed sticks  Ordinary tea packs  Sealed tea packs
 FRESHNESS High  Ordinary  High
 per serving
1 g.
pure extract
 2. g 
 raw mushroom
 3. g
 raw mushroom
 CONVENIENCE Easily soluble
Subtle taste
 Easy taste  Easy taste

Chaga health benefits

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus L.) contains a unique set of polysaccharides, polyphenols and beta-glucans. Also, it contains a large amount of flavonoids, alkaloids, and organic acids. It is rich in mineral nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, manganese and zinc.

Chaga tea has a long history of use among the peoples of Siberia as a healthy drink. In the mid-20th century, the Academy of Sciences of the USSR made great efforts to study the health properties of Chaga and drinks made from it. The main research on this topic was conducted from in Leningrad Medical Academy. It turned out that super anti-oxidant properties of Chaga made it beneficial for a lot of conditions, including some complex conditions.

One of the main qualities of Chaga is its safety. It has been proven by the centuries-old history of its use in the diet of the peoples of Siberia and numerous clinical studies on toxicity. Chaga became famous internationally after the publication of the novel "Cancer Ward" by a Nobel prize winner Solzhenitsyn, which describes the healing properties of Chaga mushroom.

Chaga extract that we offer to our clients is manufactured at the Baikal Herbs Ltd. facilities in the town of Baikalsk. It is a company with over 30-year history and is a pioneer of the dry Chaga extract market. It owns the first patents for the production of dry Chaga extract. Thanks to this company, dry Chaga extract has become a world-famous product and is sold worldwide in health stores. The company pays a lot of attention to science, and constantly works to improve the quality of its products. Currently, Chaga products are being sold in 22 countries around the world.

Chaga mushrooms are harvested in the ecologically clean area of lake Baikal, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and meet the highest quality requirements for Chaga mushrooms.


Nutrition information (per 100 g.) 

FAT, G. 0.8
SALT, G. 0

Chaga contains chromogenic polyphenol carboxylic complex, pterins, polysaccharides, agaricin and humin-like chagic acids, organic acids, lipids, steroid substances, lignin, fiber, free phenols, flavonoids, major and mineral nutrients.