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Arctic Natural

Sawn timber (B2B, bulk orders)

Sawn timber (B2B, bulk orders)

  • Excellent red pine and other northern wood
  • Sawn timber for construction, and other applications
  • High-capacity and high-quality German equipment
We bring best wood from boreal coniferous forests of Siberia. We supply red pine, spruce, larch, fir, and birch. We sell wood from northern Siberia, with a high density of wood. We also offer wood from warmer regions at lower prices. We produce products from basic board to special kinds like taruki, dobuchi, etc. We provide basic board according to GOST 26002-83. We also produce according to customer requirements, providing planed wood with precise dimensions. Our drying facilities are top-notch so that we can provide well-dried wood.

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Best northern wood
  • High quality wood

    We can supply high density northern wood

  • Construction and others

    We can supply wood for almost any application

  • Top technology

    Top-notch drying facilities, German wood sawing machines, etc.

What our customers say


We have been importing wood from Arctic Natural related companies for some time now. We are satisfied with the quality of wood that we sell mainly to construction clients in China. We will continue to buy wood from Arctic Natural in the future. (Chinese trading company)


We often sell Russian wood from Siberia to our clients, mostly in the construction industry. One of our best suppliers is Agra-Ra company, a company related Arctic Natural Ltd. They are very close to Mongolia and easy to buy from. They provide us with red pine sawn timber. We also buy birch wood from them. (Trading company in Mongolia)

Arctic Natural sawn wood, timber, other products

With access to one of the best logging sites in Siberia and a production line utilizing trusted Weinig technology, we can supply you with virtually any wood product you need. Write to us today to find out details.

Why Arctic Natural wood

Best Siberian wood supplier for you

If you work with wood in East Asia, we can be the best supplier for you. We have access to the best resources. We have excellent production capability. We have an excellent logistics network for our East Asia clients. Write to us to find out more.