Juniper berries AN

Juniper berries AN

  • Excellent natural remedy for bladder issues

  • Expectorant and antibacterial remedy during colds

  • Stimulates secretory and digestive functions

Goods type
Dry berry
1 kg.

Health benefits

Juniper berries (Juniperus communis) contains vitamin C, iron, copper, aluminum, manganese and a rich combination of organic acids.

Juniper berries are used as a spice to introduce nice and pleasant smell for boiled meat and fish soups and other dishes, for other meat and fish dishes, for different sauces and pickling brine for meat, fish, vegetables. Juniper berries can be used to enhance the smell of alcoholic beverages.

Juniper berries have good diuretic properties. They also help to fight inflammations and microbial infections. Juniper berries herbal tea is said to be good for digestion, for cough easing, etc. Juniper berries and their herbal teas are good for people looking for health improvement. The main component that has health benefits is the essential oil of the berries. Herbal tea from juniper berries can be used for wet compresses, inhalations, as bath additive. It helps to improve health and beauty. Juniper berries are known for their invigorating properties.

Nutrition Info

Nutrition information (per 100 g.) 

Energy, kcal. 116
Protein, g. 0
Fat, g. 0
Carbohydrates, g. 31
Salt, g. 0



juniper berries on a branch