Rose hips AN

Rose hips AN

  • A rich source of vitamin C, other vitamins and minerals

  • Protects small blood vessels, helps regenerative function

  • Known to be beneficial for male and female health

Goods type
Dry berry
10 kg.

Health benefits

Rose hips are fruits of the wild rose plants (Rosa rugosa). They are rich in vitamins, A, C, as well as minerals, iron, manganese, copper. Also contains vitamins of group B, vitamins E, K, PP.

Due to its high vitamin content, rose hips tea is famous for the general positive effects on health. Rose hips tea is reported to have positive effects on immunity, on regenerative functions, on vascular system, especially small vessels, on digestive processes.

These effect are largely due to high vitamin C and other vitamins content. Vitamin C is a very famous vitamin for its protective and regenerative functions. Highly recommended as an additive during vitamin poor diets. Many people like to consume a lot of vitamin C during cold seasons. Vitamin C is often recommended to people who live and work in difficult environments. Vitamin C, in combination with vitamin PP has very positive effect on beauty and women health.

High content of vitamin A and beta-carotene is very good for eyes health. These vitamins are highly recommended to people who are engaged in office work and have their eyes constantly stressed with artificial lighting, computer screens, etc.

Rose hips are also rich in different kinds of polyphenolic and polisaccharide compounds, that have certain health benefits. Rose hips tea is the real super-food, traditionally consumed all over the world.

Nutrition Info

Nutrition information (per 100 g.) 

Energy, kcal. 109
Protein, g. 1.6
Fat, g. 0.7
Carbohydrates, g. 22.4
Salt, g. 0

Contains vitamins A, C, group B vitamins, E, K, PP, as well as minerals, iron, manganese and copper.


Rose hips