Terms and conditions of use

Terms and conditions of use

1)Order method


・We accept orders 24h through internet
・We accept inquiries during working hours

2)Payment method

・We accept credit cards and bank transfers
・Bank transfer fees are payable by the client

3)Delivery costs

・Depends on the size and method of transportation
・Free for orders of 10,000 JPY or more


・Orders are fulfilled within 2-3 working days

5)Return/Change policy


・We accept return inquiries for some categories of goods
・We accept return inquiries only within 7 days after delivery
・Return costs of deficient or mistakenly delivered goods are covered by us
・We do not accet return requests for goods sold through sales, with discounts

6)Order of "out of stock" goods

      Large orders

・For orders of "out of stock" goods please contact us through e-mail, phone number below
・For large oreders please contact us through e-mail, phone number below
Contact info  E-mail: sales@arcticnatural.com  Tel: 03-6403-3510

7)Sales of goods by subscription

・Purchase of goods by subscription is not bound by terms and is expected to continue, unless cancelled by the buyer or by the seller.
・The subscription starts on the date of the first purchase, and automatically and automatically renews with the following purchase. The purchases are executed with regular periods, most often 1 month. 
・The subscription price is specified on the product page.
・To cancel the subscription from the client side we ask the client to inform us within 10 working days before the next purchase by the following contacts: 1) E-mail: sales@arcticnatural.com or 2) Tel: 03-6403-3510.
・The subscription can be cancelled by the seller in case the production/sales of the product are terminated, or in case the economic conditions of the production/sales of the product get significantly changed.