Our business

Arctic Natural offers natural arctic products to its customers. The specialty of our offer lies in two words: 1) Arctic and 2) Natural.

Why do we attach such importance to these words? It is because we believe that these words directly refer to our offer for the market and our customers.
First of all, we offer consumers herbal products for health, which stand out for their high content of active substances. The reason is that arctic and northern plants have much less time to go through the entire growth cycle. Northern plants mobilize their biological potential for rapid growth and accumulate relatively more nutrients compared to plants from the southern regions.

Why "Arctic"? Features of arctic products and health goods. Examples of licorice and reishi mushroom.

Secondly, we offer products made from plants that have naturally grown in the wild. It is well known  that many plants with health benefits and properties have greater potency if those plants have grown in the wild. We strive to bring the greatest possible benefits to our clients and in principle harvers our  plants in the wild. Hence our second key word - "Natural".

How we can provide "Natural". Great potential of the Russian North, Arctic Siberia