Porcini AN

Porcini AN

  • Traditionally known as «Mushroom of kings»,has excellent taste and aroma

  • Rich in polysaccharides, vitamins, amino acids, porcini is a natural adaptogen

  • One of the strongest digestions stimulants, stronger than meat soups

Goods type
Dry mushrooms
10 kg.

Health benefits

Porcini (Boletus edulis) contains large amounts of  В1, В2, В6, В9, С, Е, РР as well as potassium, cobalt and phosphorus. Also has good amounts of iron, magnesium, calcium and other minerals.

Porcini is a rich source of proteins, amino acids and is highly recommended to vegetarians who want to maintain a high protein diet for health and fitness.

Porcini, known as borovik, has long tradition in Russia and Easter Europe. Famous for its exquisite taste and nutrition qualities, it is often called a mushroom of kings. Porcini is an important element of Italian cuisine. It brings rich taste and flavor to such traditional Italian foods as pasta, pizza and others. 

Due to the high content of specific polysaccharides and sulfur, porcini is thought to have properties that suppress tumor growth. Anecdotal evidence suggests that women who include a lot of porcini in their diet have fewer occurrences of breast tumors and so on. These properties of porcini are probably based on the fact that porcini helps to bolster immune system through provision of anitoxidants to the body. Strong immune system also helps to fight different pathogens more effectively.

Nutrition Info

Nutrition information (per 100 g. of dry mass) 

Energy, kcal. 286
Protein, g. 30.3
Fat, g. 14.3
Carbohydrates, g. 9.0
Salt, g. 0

Очень богат витаминами группы B,  витаминами C, E, PР. Богат калием, кобальтом, фосфором, магнием и др. микроэлементами. Содержит специфические полисахариды, аминокислоты.