Sticky bun AN

Sticky bun AN

  • Rich source of proteins and amino acids

  • Delicious and recommended for gout diet

  • Traditionally recommended for male diet

Goods type
Dry mushrooms
1 kg.

Health benefits

Sticky bun (Suillus luteus) mushrooms contain vitamins В2, B6, B9 and С. Also the mushrooms are rich in copper and zink, contain iron, cobalt, manganese, selen and chromium.

Sticky buns are called sticky because of their cover upper cover, that gets sticky in wet conditions. Some sources say that this cover should be removed. However, in Russia and Eastern Europe, where these mushrooms are traditionally consumed and highly valued, this cover is thought to have good health benefits, with compounds that help fight bacteria, improve immunity.

Sticky bun can be processed in to extract. The extract is used as a supplement, that is beneficial for people fighting gout, for people with headaches. The extract is thought to be good for vision, digestion, nervous and vascular systems. Sticky buns are reported to have tonic properties. The mushrooms are good for regulating salts metabolism. Lecithin in sticky buns is thought to have liver protection properties, helps to regulate cholesterol levels. Sticky buns are traditionally famous for its benefits for male health, that is because of high zink content.

Nutrition Info

Nutrition information (per 100 g.) 

Energy, kcal. 19
Protein, g. 2.4
Fat, g. 0.7
Carbohydrates, g. 0.5
Salt, g. 0

Mushrooms contain vitamins В2, B6, B9 and С, minerals, copper and zink, iron, cobalt, manganese, selen and chromium.