The source of our product, Siberian miracle - Baikal Lake

February 11th 2020  |  Arctic Berries, Arctic Mushrooms, Arctic Herbs, Arctic Seaweeds, Other arctic products, Health

Lake Baikal is a wonder and a jewel of the Eastern Siberia, as well as a World Heritage site. This unique lake is more than 20 million years old. The depth of the lake is more than 1600 meters. Lake Baikal contains more than 20% of all lake and river waters on the planet. Lake Baikal waters are very rich in oxygen and support a large number of species. 

Lake Baikal is famous for its extremely clean and transparent water. The water transparency in the lake can be up to 40 meters. The water in the lake is so clean and transparent, that the ice on the lake during winter seems to be black. When the water freezes, due to the lack of small particles in the water, it becomes very transparent, and despite the fact that the thickness can be over 1 meter, one can see through the ice easily. As a result, the depths of the lake shows as the black color of ice. 

Baikal is a huge natural object that greatly affects wide areas around the lake. Thanks to lake Baikal, the nature in adjacent territories is one of the cleanest, richest, biologically diverse in Russia and in the world. The lake, being one of the cleanest on the planet also provides positive influence on the vast lands around itself, keeping intact pristine nature of these lands. Our company and our suppliers get many products from the areas around Baikal, from East Siberia. This lets us provide our clients with clean, healthy natural products and foods. The strength of Siberia and its nature is for our dear clients.