Herbs Museum of our parent company, Baikal Herbs

January 31st 2020  |  Arctic Berries, Arctic Mushrooms, Arctic Herbs, Arctic Seaweeds, Other arctic products, Health, Beauty, Skin beauty, Immunity

Our parent company, Baikal Herbs is a specialist company in the file of herbs, traditional health maintenance methods, health foods and supplements.
The founder of the company, Mr. Khoroshutin, has worked as a plant scientist for a long time. He now employs quite a few plant specialists with a Ph.D degree in botanical science.
As a part of contribution to the local society, Baikal Herbs established a museum in Irkutsk, that works on preserving Russian and Siberian native traditions in the use herbs for health. There are many very interesting expositions in the museum. So, please come and have a good time, learn new things about herbs.