Baikal Herbs Ltd. - Chaga extract leader

Baikal Herbs Ltd., our parent company, is one of the world leaders in manufacturing plant-based extracts. The company has been a leader in introducing Chaga extract in powder form. Baikal Herbs has developed and patented a proprietary extraction technology for plant-based extracts. This technology analyses the original product/plant for vitamins and amino acids and produces an extract that closely replicates this composition of vitamins and amino acids in the extract. The technology is called LiveExtracts®. The technology is protected by the patent RU 2664148 C1, “Method of producing of dry extracts from the raw material of plant origin”.

Baikal Herbs was founded in 1991 by Pavel Khoroshutin, a professional in biology and rational forests resources utilization. Mr. Khoroshutin made it his mission to realize Siberia forests' potential in harvesting and producing herbal raw materials and finished products, like extracts and ingredients for pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and food.

Baikal Herbs was the first company to introduce a powder form of Chaga extract to the market. In 2005 Baikal Herbs was the first company to register Chaga extract powder as a biologically active food supplement. With that registration Baikal Herbs started to meaningfully work on the global markets, such as the USA, South Korea, Japan, China, etc. In 2012 the company was certified by the Food and Drug Administration of the USA.

Another important product that demonstrates the capabilities of Baikal Herbs is Ural Licorice roots. Baikal Herbs is one of the leading licorice manufacturers with the highest quality standards. To confirm this claim, we can say that Baikal Herb’s licorice standards are high enough for the company to supply licorice root to Japanese pharmaceutical companies. It is known that Japanese quality control is one of the strictest in the world. Nevertheless, Baikal Herb’s licorice root is accepted by leading pharm companies in Japan as a high-quality raw material.

Baikal Herbs achieved all these results due to integrated quality control across the value chain and investment in the company’s own production facilities. The company’s main production base is situated in the Irkutsk region, next to world famous Baikal Lake. The plant uses the crystal clear water of Baikal Lake in its production processes. The technology employed on the company’s plant is state-of-the-art, with an in-house biochemical laboratory that provides precise control of the final products. The main plant now manufactures more than 500 different plant-based products. The company’s production is ISO and GOST certified.

Baikal Herbs believes in contributing to society on multiple levels. Besides producing top-quality products, the company actively works with the local communities sponsoring different events for children and the elderly. Baikal Herbs is widely recognized as a responsible business that brings benefits to the communities by directly providing funds for various projects, as well as by providing good employment opportunities. Baikal Herbs values its people very much and invests in their development.

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