Our company

Arctic Natural, Ltd. is a Japanese company founded with the main goal of presenting Japanese clients with access to the high quality natural plant products from Arctic Siberia.

We believe that specifically, plant products from Arctic Siberia are most beneficial for consumer health. Northern plants, using short northern summers efficiently, have to grow and produce fruit and seed much more quickly than southern plants. For example, northern licorice, a widely used herb, accumulates 2 - 3 times more of its main effective substance, Glycyrrhizic acid, compared to its southern counterparts. Licorice from Siberia can accumulate from 3% to 6% of Glycyrrhizic acid, while southern licorice is considered to have high Glycyrrhizic acid content with only 2% of the substance.

So, our company's mission is to contribute to the healthy diet of Japanese consumers by supplying berries, mushrooms, herbs, seaweeds, and other products from Arctic Siberia. We provide the best natural products to our clients.
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Arctic Natural, Ltd. operations are managed by Dmitry Trufanov. Dmitry Trufanov has extensive business experience in Japan. Before he stood at the helm of our company, he has studied in leading Japanese universities. Also, he has rich work experience in leading Japanese management consulting firms. We unite a lot of brilliant people to advance our business in Japan.

The main partner of Arctic Natural is a Russian company, Baikal Herbs Ltd. The team of Baikal Herbs Ltd. actively cooperates with Arctic Natural, Ltd.


Legal code 0100-01-193795
Address Nihonbashi Royal Plaza 706, Nihonbashi Kabutocho 17-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 103-0026
Phone number +81-3-6403-3510
July 07th, 2018
Charter capital 10.9 mln. JPY
Director General Dmitry Trufanov