Arctic Natural - advantage #1: Power of science

Extract to bring you the most of Chaga power

With our water-soluble extract, we bring all the power of Chaga in its condensed form 
We control our product for β-glucans, SOD complex, polyphenols, chromogenic complex, etc. 
We control the quality of our product at every stage from harvesting to packaging

Our company maintains one of the richest libraries on traditional herbal remedies to the East of the Ural mountains. Utilizing this rich information base, the company headquarters also house a herbal museum, where all Siberian and other herbs are on display and with interesting scientific information for the general public. Our main production facility is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, including advanced analysis capabilities such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and others. Many people who hold advanced degrees work in our company. We use modern scientific methods to develop the best forms of Chaga products for our clients. According to independent testing facilities results, our spray-dried extracts and freeze-dried extracts are of very high quality. All these factors let our company develop our own technologies. We hold several patents in the field of extract production and continue working on developing new technologies.

Signature product - Chaga Extract from Siberia

- One of the strongest antioxidant foods

- Easy to drink with tea, coffee, etc.

- A bag of extract for a month supply.

More about chaga extract
  • Old man

    I began drinking chaga tea to boost the level of antioxidants in my daily intake.

    I can’t say if this is only because of Chaga, but I haven’t had a cold for a long time. It is important for me because any cold can be very serious at my age. I was also glad that the taste was subtle and the tea was easy to drink. (Male, 60+)

  • Old woman

    I heard it was a miracle mushroom decided to try.

    I was so surprised that my vigor had returned to me. I felt younger again. Actually, before trying Chaga, I used to feel tired often and didn’t have the energy to do anything. With Chaga extract, I am full of energy again. (Female, 50+)

  • Middle aged man

    Lately I started to feel very tired and exhausted.

    I started looking for some health supplements and found a book about Chaga. After trying it out, I can say it changed my life. After 2-3 months, I started to feel invigorated. Now I want my parents to use it too. (Male, 40+)

  • Middle aged woman

    I heard about Chaga from my friend who lives in the US.

    Chaga has been very popular in the US recently. I tried Chaga extract tea and felt that my skin had greatly improved. I am so glad that I want to recommend the book about Chaga to my husband and friends too. (Female, 40+)

Arctic Natural - advantage #2: Power of technology

Live Extract®︎ technology - preserves nature's power

Arctic Natural - advantage #2: Power of technology

First, we control the quality of raw material and ensure that only top-quality Chaga mushroom is used in the production. Then we employ our proprietary technology, Live Extract®, that uses low-temperature extraction processes to keep all the natural nutrients in our extracts just as they are in the original product in nature. So, we guarantee that our Chaga extract delivers all healthy nutrients. Finally, we have an in-house laboratory equipped with cutting-edge equipment, such as high-performance liquid chromatography analysis equipment and others, to guarantee our customers the best final product quality.

Arctic Natural - advantage #3: Power of nature

Best Chaga from the best harvesting locations

Best Chaga from the best harvesting locations

Siberian peoples used to drink Chaga tea since ancient times. It is a very long tradition that helped indigenous peoples to stay healthy. People are living in the North, where birch trees grow, have been drinking Chaga for centuries. We bring you Chaga extract made from Chaga harvested from the pristine forests of East Siberia. East Siberia remains one of the few regions in the world where few people live and where a lot of nature is untouched by human activities. Also, Chaga harvested from colder regions is believed to be better because, in harder climate, plants need to be more vigorous to survive.

Comparison table for Arctic Natural Chaga extract

FIRM Arctic Natural firm B firm C
PRODUCT 100% pure
water-soluble extract
tea pack tea pack
HARVEST PLACE Russia Russia Japan
MADE IN Japan Russia Japan
PACKAGING Sealed sticks Ordinary tea packs Sealed tea packs
FRESHNESS High Ordinary High
per serving
1 g.
pure extract
2. g
raw mushroom
3. g
raw mushroom
CONVENIENCE Easily soluble
Subtle taste
Easy taste Easy taste

Arctic Natural philosophy

We are presenting our products always with our clients' health in mind

We believe that products based on plants from the Russian Arctic and Siberia can significantly contribute to our client's health. For example, Chaga extract, a product made from a northern mushroom of Chaga, is a very potent antioxidant and is considered very good for health, as documented on many websites and many YouTube videos about Chaga.
We want to bring the power of Nature, the power of the North, and make it the power, health, and vigor of our clients. That is why we are called Arctic Natural. We combine both the North and Nature in our products.
Why do we value northern natural products so much? Northern plants, growing in harsh climates, have high vitality and strength to withstand such environments. Northern plants have to accumulate a lot of vital force to bear fruit during the short northern spring and summer. So, using these plants for our products lets us bring this strength and vitality to our clients.
The quality of our products is paramount to us. We constantly control quality with our internal Quality Control department. We also continuously check and confirm the quality and safety of our products at independent testing facilities.

Birch trees birch forest


Arctic Natural, Ltd. supplies clients with healthy food products from wild Siberian plants. In partnership with the Russian company Baikal Herbs Ltd., we bring the highest quality products to the market. Our signature products are Chaga extract, Ural Licorice root, and extract. Both our companies place very high importance on providing 100% natural products to the market, without any artificial additives.

Baikal Herbs Ltd. uses only pristine locations in Siberia to harvest plants and other natural products. Many products are harvested from the northern regions of East Siberia. You can go hundreds of kilometers in any direction and not meet a human being in that place. Wild nature rules in this region.

Baikal Herbs Ltd. possesses cutting-edge plant processing technology to produce its products in Eastern Siberia, near the famous Baikal Lake. There are several production bases, with the main one located in the town of Baikalsk.

In Irkutsk city, Baikal Herbs Ltd. maintains a shop-museum of herbal products. There you can have a tour of herbal health products and buy some if you get interested.

Arctic Natural, Ltd. engages in secondary processing in Japan when necessary. We also package our products in Japan. Our most important goal is by strictly following our priorities of "Nature" and "Ecology" to contribute to improving the health of our customers.

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