Chaga market potential based on Chaga health benefits

The market confirms the health benefits of Chaga mushrooms. Technavio, a market research company, says that Chaga related products market will amount to more than eleven billion US dollars by 2024. The growth rate through 2024 is expected to be above 12% per annum.

So, what is behind this remarkable estimation and market growth opportunity? First, Chaga has gained recognition in some large consumer markets, such as the American market, the Chinese market, and European and other markets. The US market shows the most promise as a single market with the most significant purchasing power. However, the fundamental basis of the Chaga mushroom popularity is the market understanding that Chaga has tangible health benefits worth paying a high price for Chaga products. Chaga mushroom is an expensive ingredient, so customers need to be well motivated to pay extra for Chaga.

(by Technavio)

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