Why Chaga extract is good for your health

Why Chaga extract? According to the Superfoodly.com portal (Superfoodly.com), Chaga extract is one of the most potent antioxidant foods. Superfoodly.com maintains a database of health foods with ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) values. ORAC is a popular measure of food’s capacity to neutralize harmful oxygen radicals that form inside the human body and are thought to be one of the fundamental factors behind many human conditions and aging. So, Chaga extract is one of the top antioxidants according to that database (Orac Values). The value Superfoodly.com has recorded for Chaga extract is 146,700 μmol TE/100g. “μmol TE/100g” means micromol Trolox Equivalent per 100g. “Trolox Equivalent” represents the equivalent of a water-soluble analog of vitamin E, sold under the Trolox name. So, is 146,700 high? For example, such widely valued food as blueberries has an ORAC value of about 2,400. So, Chaga extract has an ORAC value more than 60 times higher than that of blueberries. And we highly recommend Chaga extract as a supplement to the regular diet.

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