Customer voices for chaga extract


I started to drink chaga tea to improve immune system. I was glad that the taste was subtle, and the tea was so easy to drink. I can’t say this is only because of chaga, but I haven’t had a cold for a long time. It is important for me because in my age any cold can be very serious. (Male, 60+)


I heard it was miracle mushroom from my friend and decided to try. I was so surprised to feel that my vigor has come back to me. I felt younger again. Actually, before trying chaga I used to feel tired often, didn’t have energy to do anything. With chaga extract tea I am full of energy. (Female, 50+)


Lately I started to feel very tired and exhausted. I started to look for some health food and came across a book about chaga. After trying it out I can say it changed my life. After 2-3 months I really started to feel the change. Now I want my parents to use it too. (Male, 40+)


I heard it from my friend who lives in the US with her husband. Chaga has been very popular in the US recently. I tried to drink the extract tea and felt that my skin has greatly improved. I am so glad that I want to recommend the book about chaga to my husband and friends too. (Female, 40+)