Customer voices for lingonberry


At my age, one needs to pay attention to the urinary system. I heard from my friend that foods like lingonberry could be beneficial. I decided to try it. The taste is refreshingly sour, with a pleasant sweet tone. Those with a sweet tooth can consume it with sugar. My favorite lingonberry product is a drink from lingonberry juice. (Male, 65+)


I am from Russia, so I have known this berry since I was a child. I used to go to the forest to pick lingonberry myself. We have been eating lingonberry fresh; we would prepare lingonberry jam, and we would prepare soft drinks. I am too old to pick lingonberry these days, so I often buy it. The lingonberry that I get from Arctic Natural is always top quality, so I like it a lot. (Female, 60+)


We have been buying chaga from Arctic Natural. They recommended us to try lingonberry. I did not really know what is this berry. At first I thought it was too sour, but we have found out that we can add sugar and use it as a desert. There is also a good sauce that can be prepared from lingonberry for meet dishes. We are now trying lingonberry drinks. (Female, 45+)