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Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) is a type of mushroom that grows on living birch trees and absorbs their sap to grow. It can be found in forested areas of cold regions such as Hokkaido, Russia, and Canada. To find chaga, one must walk long distances through forests and it takes over 10 years to grow, making it one of the rarest and valuable mushrooms in northern forests.

Chaga, being a rare mushroom, holds great value. It is known worldwide as a superfood and has been researched both in Japan and abroad, with many studies suggesting it has health benefits. Because of this, it is often referred to as the "jewel of mushrooms" or the "diamond of the forest". Chaga, which absorbs nutrients over a long period of time, contains a wealth of beneficial health components. It is rich in β-glucans (polysaccharides), polyphenols, SOD enzymes (superoxide dismutase), saponins, inositol, lignin, flavonoids, minerals, dietary fiber, and other nutrients that are good for health. Its particularly high content of polysaccharides is a distinguishing feature compared to other superfoods. Chaga is also known for its high SOD content. SOD is short for superoxide dismutase, which means "enzyme that removes active oxygen," and it helps to eliminate active oxygen (free radicals) in the body.


 SOD content of Chaga extract

There are many books about chaga that have been published in Japan, including "The Complete Guide to Chaga," "Becoming Healthy with Chaga," and "The Charm of Chaga Health Tea."

While there are many crushed raw chaga products available on the market, Arctic Natural Co., Ltd. offers a chaga extract, a much higher value product. First, our chaga extract is produced using the proprietary LiveExtracts (R) technology, with approximately 20 times more active ingredients than in raw chaga. The main reason chaga is considered to be good for health is due to its high levels of SOD or ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity). Arctic Natural Chaga extract, produced using the excellent extraction technology of LiveExtracts (R), records a top-class ORAC value of 150,000 mol TE/100g. The Superfoodly website, which has an ORAC database, reports the highest confirmed ORAC value for chaga extract to be 146,000 mol TE/100g. Chaga extract of Arctic Natural surpasses that value.

Furthermore, crushed raw chaga products require brewing like tea, which takes time and requires the use of hot water. In contrast, Arctic Natural Chaga Extract can be easily dissolved in room temperature water, tea, coffee, or other beverages, and can be added to different dishes. This allows customers to easily add chaga extract to their daily drinks and make it more convenient to consume chaga.

In addition, Arctic Natural Co., Ltd.'s chaga extract is 100% natural. The LiveExtracts (R) extraction technology only uses low-temperature water, which avoids the destruction of active ingredients without adding substances that are not naturally found in chaga. The materials used in Arctic Natural chaga extract production are only the chaga mushroom and water.

 Chaga Extract. Arctic Natural advantages.

Finally, our chaga extract is processed in Japan and packaged individually in hermetically sealed sticks. We provide the product with a recommended intake of one stick per day. It can be enjoyed as a tasty drink, tasty addition to your daily coffee. The sticks are easy to carry and can be conveniently consumed anywhere and anytime.

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