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Arctic Natural

Lingonberry dried

Lingonberry dried

  • Natural bacteria fighting abilities
  • Traditionally known as a natural diuretic
  • Lingonberry drinks are excellent after-party drinks
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A lot of vitamins and minerals for your health
Most popular northern berry for drinks
  • Best drink berry

    A drink from lingonberry is among the most thirst quenching

  • Great source of vitamins

    Provides northern peoples with vitamins to last long and cold winters

  • Pleasant sour taste

    Not too sweet, suitable for adult tastes

Customer voices for lingonberry


At my age, one needs to pay attention to the urinary system. I heard from my friend that foods like lingonberry could be beneficial. I decided to try it. The taste is refreshingly sour, with a pleasant sweet tone. Those with a sweet tooth can consume it with sugar. My favorite lingonberry product is a drink from lingonberry juice. (Male, 65+)


I am from Russia, so I have known this berry since I was a child. I used to go to the forest to pick lingonberry myself. We have been eating lingonberry fresh; we would prepare lingonberry jam, and we would prepare soft drinks. I am too old to pick lingonberry these days, so I often buy it. The lingonberry that I get from Arctic Natural is always top quality, so I like it a lot. (Female, 60+)


We have been buying chaga from Arctic Natural. They recommended us to try lingonberry. I did not really know what is this berry. At first I thought it was too sour, but we have found out that we can add sugar and use it as a desert. There is also a good sauce that can be prepared from lingonberry for meet dishes. We are now trying lingonberry drinks. (Female, 45+)

Product (Lingonberry)

Our lingonberry is harvested from wild northern forests, where nature is pristine and human impact is minimal. We can supply lingonberry in various forms, from frozen berries to dried berries, powder, and extracts. All our products are subject to strict quality control. We care about your health!

Lingonberry Health benefits

Lingonberry (Vaccinium vitis idaeae L.) is the most popular berry among the inhabitants of Siberia. Many of the advantages of this berry justify such popularity. Lingonberry has a wonderful taste. Long-term data on this berry's use in cooking say it is a safe product. Various information about the beneficial qualities of this berry, which exists in the traditional medicine of the peoples of Siberia, is confirmed by modern scientific research.

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, lingonberry is one of the berries with very high antioxidant activity and is among the top 50 best natural antioxidants in the world.

From the point of view of preventive medicine, lingonberries are rich in various vitamins and minerals (iron and manganese, vitamins A, B1, B2, B9, PP, C, and E).

Due to their high antioxidant activity and multivitamin properties, lingonberries have powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory potential.

Lingonberry is known for its ability to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol on the body both during alcohol intake and during the hangover the day after alcohol intake. It also quenches thirst well. Lingonberries, having diuretic properties, contribute to the rapid excretion of alcohol intoxication products.

Perhaps that is why drinks from lingonberries are on the menu in the majority of restaurants in Russia.


Nutrition information (per 100 g.) 

FAT, G. 0.5
SALT, G. 0

Contains 1.6 grams of fiber. In addition to arbutin, lingonberry is rich in phenolic compounds resulting in strong antioxidant activity. Other phytochemicals such as lignan have been reported as well.